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Finding the real stories behind how education startups made it. Hannah asks the key questions on how these entrepreneurs got their settings started in the early years and education sector.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Larksfoot Revisited

    I'm really excited to share with you a return visit to Larksfoot Woodland Childcare with Karin and Caroline. This duo have been working seriously hard since we last saw them in Episode 6! I'm delighted to share with you the next stage in their exciting journey. Series 1: The Road That ...


  2. Sunflower Creative Arts, with Susan Caruso Part 2

    We're back with Susan Caruso of Sunflower Creative Arts in Florida in the US! We dig deep into this non profit organisation in this episode. Susan shares with us how she had to pivot and create new enterprises at Sunflower with the onset of a global pandemic, whilst also staying ...


  3. Sunflower Creative Arts, with Susan Caruso Part 1

    This is an absolute treat! Susan Caruso of Sunflower Creative Arts shares all kinds of goodness with us in this episode. From setting up in a rented space at a church, to buying their own site. I absolutely love the story of Sunflower Creative Arts, having followed their journey from ...


  4. Talking Tree Hill Are Taking Things Global

    In this episode, we find ourselves in New Zealand! Kirsten Simmons of Talking Tree Hill takes us through her unique story. I love Kirsten's passion and drive to take things forward for Talking Tree Hill. I know this is a truly special place, and I hope that one day I ...


  5. Naturing in the Wilds of Canada!

    Joining me today is Britney Price, the founder of Naturing, in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. Our first Canadian to the Nature Nurtures Podcast, Britney's story showcases her prairie spirit and positive attitude. She is passionate and humble, and I'm so inspired by her openminded ...