Millie's Garden is Growing

Episode 2 February 16, 2021 00:50:09
Millie's Garden is Growing
Nature Nurtures Podcast
Millie's Garden is Growing

Feb 16 2021 | 00:50:09


Show Notes

Joining me is Millie who brings something very special to children from her beautiful garden in Bristol. Hear about Millie's plans for expansion in today's episode. Some of you may know Millie from Instagram where she posts regularly as Millie's Garden. She is an incredibly experienced practitioner, Forest School Leader and Specialist Leader of Education for birth to three years. An Ofsted registered Childminder, Millie is passionate about holistic wellbeing, attachment and relationships as well as outdoor play. 

Series 1: The Road That Led Us Here
In this first series, we interview pioneers in education about how they built their businesses, and the journey that brought practitioner to their role in working with children. Join us as we speak with people all over the UK, USA and New Zealand.

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