Naturing in the Wilds of Canada!

Episode 14 September 16, 2021 00:50:21
Naturing in the Wilds of Canada!
Nature Nurtures Podcast
Naturing in the Wilds of Canada!

Sep 16 2021 | 00:50:21


Show Notes

Joining me today is Britney Price, the founder of Naturing, in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. Our first Canadian to the Nature Nurtures Podcast, Britney's story showcases her prairie spirit and positive attitude. She is passionate and humble, and I'm so inspired by her openminded approach to establishing her new programme, Naturing. 

Series 1: The Road That Led Us Here
In this first series we interview pioneers in education about how they built their businesses, and the journey that brought practitioners to their role in working with children. Join us as we speak with people all over the UK, USA and New Zealand.
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