Sunflower Creative Arts, with Susan Caruso Part 1

Episode 16 October 14, 2021 01:01:14
Sunflower Creative Arts, with Susan Caruso Part 1
Nature Nurtures Podcast
Sunflower Creative Arts, with Susan Caruso Part 1

Oct 14 2021 | 01:01:14


Show Notes

This is an absolute treat! Susan Caruso of Sunflower Creative Arts shares all kinds of goodness with us in this episode. From setting up in a rented space at a church, to buying their own site. I absolutely love the story of Sunflower Creative Arts, having followed their journey from afar, and been inspired by Susan's incredible work in the community. This was a dream chat for me! This is essential listening for all those looking to take the step into setting up a nature nursery, or even those well seasoned owners. Just lap it up. You're welcome :-)

Series 1: The Road That Led Us Here
In this first series we interview pioneers in education about how they built their businesses, and the journey that brought practitioners to their role in working with children. Join us as we speak with people all over the UK, USA and New Zealand.
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