Talking Tree Hill Are Taking Things Global

Episode 15 September 23, 2021 01:02:07
Talking Tree Hill Are Taking Things Global
Nature Nurtures Podcast
Talking Tree Hill Are Taking Things Global

Sep 23 2021 | 01:02:07


Show Notes

In this episode, we find ourselves in New Zealand! Kirsten Simmons of Talking Tree Hill takes us through her unique story. I love Kirsten's passion and drive to take things forward for Talking Tree Hill. I know this is a truly special place, and I hope that one day I get to experience it in person. Listen up folks, this one's a good one!

Series 1: The Road That Led Us Here
In this first series we interview pioneers in education about how they built their businesses, and the journey that brought practitioners to their role in working with children. Join us as we speak with people all over the UK, USA and New Zealand.
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