Tiny Seeds Forest School Are Ready to Launch!

Episode 12 August 12, 2021 01:03:50
Tiny Seeds Forest School Are Ready to Launch!
Nature Nurtures Podcast
Tiny Seeds Forest School Are Ready to Launch!

Aug 12 2021 | 01:03:50


Show Notes

Joining me in this epsiode is Caydi Dommeyer, the founder of Tiny Seeds Forest School, in South lake Tahoe, California in the US. This Forest School is about to launch, with Caydi putting in all the groundwork ready for the new semester. This is a woman who knows how to work hard! It's not easy to set up a new business, and one that fulfils your vision and values. Caydi has some unique experience that she can put to good use in Tiny Seeds. This is a great episode to hear the blow-by-blow of the setting up process.

Series 1: The Road That Led Us Here
In this first series we interview pioneers in education about how they built their businesses, and the journey that brought practitioners to their role in working with children. Join us as we speak with people all over the UK, USA and New Zealand.

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